Collegian Community’s Comfort Shows

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Greg Shannon, Staff

Almost everyone likes watching TV. What’s not to love about it? There is an abundance of different genres and unique shows to watch. When it comes to television everyone has that one show they can just sit back and watch for hours on end and on repeat. Whether that be an animated series, sitcom or even reality TV, there is something out there for everybody. With that being said, here are the Collegian community’s favorite Comfort Shows. 

Greg Shannon: “The Midnight Gospel” 

“There are many shows that I could highlight as my comfort shows. However, one show that I don’t think gets enough of a spotlight is “The Midnight Gospel.” “The Midnight Gospel” is a podcast style adult animated show where the main character goes to different universes to interview people. This is what honestly makes the show fun. The subject matter is so mature and so unique that you honestly can learn a lot from each episode. Whether it is the legalization of some drugs, the meaning of love, finding your purpose, or even just how to get over losing someone close to you. This show will have something that will connect with you.” 


Nolen Kelly, Editor: “Letterkenny”

“‘Letterkenny’ features groups of violent Canadian farmers, drug addicted goths, and eloquently dimwitted hockey players but despite how dark that may sound it is actually quite delightful. In between the fights and extreme expletives are trucks and boat loads of great soundtracks, simple and adorkable characters, wildly impressive wordplay and situational dialogue, and the charm of a whole country that few shows can even come close to imitating or capturing. Any day that I am overwhelmed or not in a good headspace I look to our northern neighbors for the escape I need from the chaos, even if it is just for 20 minutes. Some of my favorite memories of a particular day that just felt good involved “Letterkenny” in some way and the show even has an impact on the way I write and do my work. “Letterkenny” will always have a spot in my mind and my being.”

Aidan Tyksinski: “Community”

“My favorite show is Community because I think it shows friendship in a way we don’t think about. I love how each character is so different, but they stick with each other through every crazy adventure. The dynamics between all the characters always make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in.”

Abby Louese: “New Girl and Gilmore Girls” 

“Those two are my favorites because I feel like while I’m watching them I can escape the realities of my own life.The way they were both produced, the writing and the acting really makes me feel as though I am part of their “world” and I just feel very invested in the character’s lives. ‘Gilmore Girls’ in particular just has a place in my heart as it was one of my favorite shows in high school and really motivated me to study. If you look at the “study” community, “Gilmore Girls” is brought up or referenced a lot and is just a really important part of pop culture for that community. I also love ‘New Girl’ for many of the same reasons I first mentioned. It has become even more relevant in my life though as my current living situation is pretty similar to the show except gender swap. My roommates and I have a whole group chat called “new guy” because it’s 3 girls and 1 guy.”

The CW

Brandin Runyon: “Sabrina The Witch”

“The reason why I chose ‘Sabrina’ is because she never failed to bring a smile to my face. I really wanted to be like her in terms of life choices. Being able to have a kind loving family and friends around her was amazing. Plus being able to use magic to make whatever situation better was extremely cool. Even when she wasn’t having the best day, her magic made things better. Though she made some mistakes along the way, she always found a way to fix them with her magic. I always wanted to just wave a finger and fix everything. Also I always had a crush on Harvey.”

Jake Eiseman, Editor-in-Chief: “How I Met Your Mother”

“HIMYM is one of those shows that plans it’s jokes seasons in advance and rewards you for sticking with it and watching it over and over again. Every time I watch I find subtle foreshadowing or callbacks that make you appreciate the comedy and story much more. I know most people don’t like the ending, but the characters and jokes throughout really make it a comforting binge the whole way through.”


Jeriann Tripodi, Editor: “Spongebob Squarepants”

“I certainly have a few shows that I enjoy rewatching over and over again even though I have seen every episode of every season. I’m not ashamed to say that my biggest comfort show is Spongebob Squarepants, but only seasons one through three. I feel like Spongebob can suit any mood. When I’m happy, I watch Spongebob. When I’m sad, I watch Spongebob. When I’m annoyed, I watch Spongebob (and relate to Squidward a little extra). I believe “Spongebob” is a timeless classic and can bring joy in your life at any age. I also love how “Spongebob” references are relevant to everyday life, even the daily life of a college student.”