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Enrique Carrasco

A few weeks ago, the folks at Stryke Club were kind enough to mail The Collegian department a box full of face, and skin care products that are good for you and dermatologists formulated to ensure the best possible results for your skin. I have always personally dealt with poor skin conditions, and it is something that I have constantly battled with. Because of this, I have used a plethora of skin care products, but I was never able to find something that both worked truly and made my skin feel good and look healthy in the process.

Because of this, I was skeptical at first about trying the Stryke Club products. I became interested when I found out that the facial wash was both unscented and dermatologists formulated. Because of this, I decided to do my own research, and when I found out all the work that their co-founder Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness had done in the field of dermatology and all the work that had gone into creating a skin care product just for guys that was both effective and safe to use, I was hooked. I decided to use the products for a week straight and give an honest review about everything I used.

The people at Stryke Club sent us the Starter Kit, which included their Everywhere Wash (a daily cleanser for face and body meant to be used in the shower), the Face First face wash, their Stryke Stick acne spot treatment, as well as their Calm Down facial moisturizer. All of these products state that one should use them twice a day in order to achieve healthier skin, but to be honest, in my hectic college life, it is sometimes impossible to take the time to wash my face twice a day every day. Knowing this, I alternated how many times I used the products a day, some days washing my face only once a day and others twice, and wanted to see if it was still effective in helping me maintain healthier skin. 

After the first full face wash using Stryker products, I was instantly hooked. My skin felt smoother and looked healthier than it had it months, and the Calm Down facial moisturizer left my skin glowing and silky smooth. I used the Everywhere Wash in the shower instead of my normal body wash, and I was pleased with the result. The Pacific Scent in the Everywhere Wash was a well-welcomed surprise and helped my skin get clearer. After this, I used the Face First facial wash, and the fact that it was unscented only made me fall more in love with the wash. After this, I applied the Stryke Stick to specific areas in my face where I was seeing pimples develop, and after a week-long usage, I managed to see the pimples slowly but surely disappear. 

Overall, the Stryke Club products I was able to try were well worth my time. The fact that their products are made without hormone disruptors such as parabens, which can affect fertility and organs within people, as well as the fact that they do not use sodium lauryl sulfate, made me love the brand even more. The company also does no testing on any animals, something that cannot be said about other skin care companies. Overall, I would have to rate the products from Stryke Club an impressive 10/10, both because of the results it showed on my face with only a week’s worth of usage and the fact that it is healthy for your skin. 

If you are interested in trying Stryke Club for yourself, all you have to do is go to their website, and you will have full access to a catalog of all of their products. 

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