LaSalle’s ADP Program


Nya Griffin, Staff

The LaSalle Academic Discovery Program (ADP) is accelerating, as Teresa McKnight is now the new ADP Director, and Anyae Broomer is the Assistant Director for student success. Their mission in leadership is to make sure they reach every student to help them grow through this process. The Academic Discovery Program is designed to help economically impacted students prosper through their collegiate career.

The Academic Discovery Program is more than just your average collegiate student success program. The faculty and staff are there for when students feel like their backs are up against the wall. McKnight and Broomer help us to see the light at the end of every semester. Sometimes just by being empathetic and telling us to take “one day at a time,” or reassuring students that “everything is going to be alright” is what gets us through those difficult patches in the semester.

Having McKnight and Broomer as a support system and academic cheerleaders throughout our college journey helps us to see the college experience beyond the classroom. Yes, academics are highly important; however, our mental health is just as important. Having a licensed clinical worker like Broomer in our presence to bridge the gap from health disparity to mental health awareness is empowering. Broomer helps us find out our personal social determinants of health to provide us with what we need to succeed mentally, physically, academically as students. The goal of ADP is to provide us with the necessary resources, strategies, and connections that will help propel us into academic success beyond undergraduate education. Sometimes we must remember that everyone has a story and understand that we have the power as college students to change the narrative and exceed our own expectations.

When asked, “What is one word that comes to your mind when you think of ADP?” Broomer said, “perseverance because lots of students have weights but this program is about helping students to attend class and preserve in spite of the circumstances faced.” 

McKnight also replied, “unlimited possibilities since the program is designed for success.”She continued to share that “if you work on your academic success, you’ll have yielded unlimited possibilities.” 

While interviewing McKnight and Broomer, I asked what were their expectations for the program and what will they be implementing to help students continue to excel? McKnight said, “accountability within the students’ culture in making sure they meet requirements for the program as well as bringing back an immense community atmosphere that was prevalent pre-pandemic.” Broomer replied, “engagement and more involvement in campus community.” She said that after listening to students’ feelings and their feedback they hope to expand the active peer mentoring program and strengthen it for years to come.

Overall, La Salle’s Academic Discovery Program is off to a great start with some fresh changes, familiar faces, and eager support. McKnight and Broomer’s goals for the program is to continue to focus on assisting each student in understanding them as an individual and being intentional about getting them to reach some SMART goals. Broomer shared that sometimes behind the scenes work can involve sleepless nights but it’s her passion for changing lives that’s worth it all. McKnight also expressed that stepping into this new role reveals her passion in seeing all students succeed not only in undergrad but help them prepare for graduate and beyond. McKnight concluded that, “although ADP seems to be the well-kept secret, good things do come out of it.”

To the entire La Salle Community, we’d like to give a warm welcome to the new director and assistant director as they are immersed in their new roles in teaching and learning.

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