Safe Drinking with Public Safety

Health and Wellness

Kori Deibert, Faculty

During the Oct. 26th Wellness Wednesday, Wellness Initiatives Coordinator, Kori Deibert, and Director of Investigations and Compliance from Public Safety, Chris Berry, partnered to offer students safe drinking tips for the upcoming Halloween weekend. Students were asked a question related to alcohol and were also asked to pour what they thought was a standard drink of beer into a solo cup. The lines on a solo cup are  indicative measurements of standard drink sizes for most liquors, wines, and beers. One standard drink is equivalent to 1 oz. – 1.5 oz. of hard liquor (depending on the proof), 5 oz. of wine, and 12 oz. of beer. Understanding that the size of the container is not an accurate way to measure a standard drink because there is so much variety in container sizes. A 16 oz beer can might appear to be a “single serving size” but  contains 1.5 standard drinks.

As we head into the season of holidays and celebrations, remember these safe drinking tips:

·        Avoid large-batch punches that may have a deceptively high alcohol content

·        Never leave your drink unattended

·        Be aware of sudden changes in the way your body feels

·        Eat before and while drinking

·        Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, such as water

·        Always use the buddy system. Make sure you leave with the same group you arrived with and never travel alone. 

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