National Society of Leadership and Success Orientation Night 


Jorden McVeagh, Editor

On Thursday Sept. 14, La Salle’s National Society of Leadership and Success had their Orientation night for new members. For those who haven’t heard of NSLS, it is a national chapter playing host to 1,675,341 members across 771 chapters. La Salle’s chapter was created in June of 2021 by Azaria Soto, Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder, and Dr. Patrick Coyle. The chapter vision is simple but one that shows what is to gain from becoming a member. “Our vision is to help members achieve personal growth, cultivate lasting relationships, and obtain career success”. At their orientation the organization was able to welcome 13 new members to add to their 493 total. 

NSLS  helps provide students with the opportunity to gain excellent experience from a career and personal development standpoint. Not only do students get to network and meet new people at the beginning of their professional careers, but they can also get involved to develop habits that will transfer over into the real world. There are many executive board positions that allow students to run meetings, plan events, and create a plan for growing the organization throughout the year. This is not limited to just one major either. It is open to anyone who wants to join and grow and develop transferable leadership skills. There will be one more orientation night for any students that either missed the first or are interested in joining. The date for the make-up session is Monday Sept. 19. Anyone who may be interested in this should attend this session to learn more about NSLS and begin the process of joining the organization. 

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