Philadelphia live music is back and it means a lot — Editorial


Header Image: PHLCVB

It’s been a big month for La Salle Students and music. Buzzing in the La Salle student community was Made In America (MIA) two weeks ago, and then the Harry Styles’ concert in Philadelphia this past weekend. The implications of these music events’ decision to come to Philadelphia are astronomical for the student body of La Salle. One of La Salle’s main allures for potential students has been enjoying all of the art and entertainment throughout the city, and now students can finally enjoy them once again. 

One La Salle student had this to say about the experience, “Last Friday, Harry Styles performed at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for thousands of his fans, including my best friend and me. We sat in the tenth row — close enough to see his facial expressions and feel the energy that he and his band were giving off. But before the concert even started, fans were lined up at entrances, merch stands and of course bathrooms.

When Harry finally came on stage, he levitated up through the center of a 360° stage, promising to equally distribute his face to each area of the arena. He performed most songs off of his Fine Line album, a few from his self-titled debut and of course had to throw it back with ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ from his time in One Direction.

Emily’s experience is one that resonates with the majority of La Salle students. The return of festivals and pop icons to Philadelphia has revitalized campus and shown that despite continued mask mandates and the subsequent immediate return to Zoom university, music is one of the main things that brings the Lasallian community together. The concert venue’s opening is just the first step in our return to normalcy.

MIA also returned to Philadelphia in full force this year. Another La Salle student said that he was ready for the return of live music. “Made in America was a kind of cultural awakening for me; live music is just so much better than recorded music and, now that we can go back to venues, I think Philly is finally coming back,” he said. The MIA and Harry Styles circuit in Philadelphia marks the beginning of a massive return of concerts ranging from Phoebe Bridgers to Glass Animals. As these artists return to Philly, we are bound to see more students enjoying the benefits of city life and the La Salle experience outside of campus. 

Now that live music is back and people can return to the Philly nightlife, we can get a glimpse of what was lost before the pandemic. While it is still important to remember to follow local guidance on masking and COVID prevention, it is also important to see life returning to normal. Part of the Lasallian experience is experiencing all that Philadelphia has to offer, and although it is still a bit tough the return of live music is a good sign of what is to come. Universities are supposed to be a melting pot of cultural education and appreciation for the arts, and with La Salle being located in such a culturally rich and diverse city like Philadelphia, you would be hard pressed to find someone who chose any school in the city just for the school and not also for the city.

-The Editorial Board

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