Out This Week: Scary sci-fi, shooting skills and satire sketches

Arts & Entertainment

Jakob Eiseman, Editor

Header Image: Netflix

“Come True” — VOD

IFC Films

“Come True” is a horror movie coming from the creator of “Holidays” and “Our House,” Anthony Scott Burns. It is a sci-fi take on a traditional horror story of a troubled teenager running away from home and getting mixed up in something freaky. The main character, Sarah, played by Julia Sarah Stone who is known for her role in the Netflix crime drama “The Killing,” volunteers to participate in a university sleep study for reimbursement. After being strapped into monitors and futuristic technology, Sarah’s dreams become nightmares where the scary parts of the movie show themselves. The series uses imagery related to sleep paralysis and claustrophobic horror. “Come True” will release on video-on-demand services on Friday, March 12.

“Last Chance U: Basketball” — Netflix


A follow-up from 2016’s Netflix docuseries “Last Chance U,” “Last Chance U: Basketball” follows the East Los Angeles University (ELAU) Huskies basketball team in their attempt to win the season championship. “Last Chance U” was critically acclaimed and praised for its presentation of a sports story through a human lens, featuring each of the players and their stories as well as the main sports story. “Last Chance U: Basketball” is looking to carry on the series with another team that is determined to perform, partnered with a coach with a dedication to his players. The docuseries is directed by Greg Whitely who is known for “Last Chance U” as well as a cheerleading documentary “Cheer.” The first five seasons of the show followed football teams, first the East Mississippi Community College team, the Independence Community College of Kansas team and the Laney College of Oakland, California team. Now, the sixth season will showcase ELAU, but feature many of the same filming and narrative themes found in the previous seasons. “Last Chance U: Basketball” premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, March 10.

“Cake” — FX, Hulu


A new season of the sketch variety show “Cake” premieres on FXX on Thursday, March 11 and on Hulu on Friday, March 12. “Cake” features both live action and animated comedy mini-sketches based around modern trends, current events, creative spins on classic punchlines and interesting animation techniques. This is “Cake’s” fourth season and although it is critically acclaimed for its humor and satire, it has no affiliation with the La Salle Collegian’s CAKE column… yet. The show has been compared to other adult sketch shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “Robot Chicken,” but is unique in that it partners live action sketches with animated ones. While the show is listed as a comedy and satire, it is not afraid to tackle serious issues and topics in a thought-provoking, and, as FX puts it, “raw” and “artistic” manner.


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