Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire: Bagel House: Flourtown, PA


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

via Claire Ortiz

“The bagels are great. The sandwiches leave a little to be desired.”

A sentence given to us many times throughout the week; it did describe it well. This week took us out to Flourtown. Only 20 or so minutes from La Salle, a quick drive into the “burbs” brought us to a cute little Main Street area. Greeted by a cute bagel sign, as well as so many nice customers and workers, we knew we were in for a treat. 

In order to appease some pushback I have received from other members of the Szyszkiewicz family, we have changed our review system. Instead of both ordering a bagel sandwich, instead we will order one bagel with cream cheese and one sandwich, to fully rate the bagel place. The first thing we noticed was the presence of a trendy bagel: the Rainbow bagel. We couldn’t resist. We ordered a cream cheese Rainbow bagel, as well as, of course, a sausage egg and cheese on a poppy bagel: Claire’s favorite. 

Overall, the quote rang true. The bagel itself was delicious, albeit not as big as I would like and didn’t have quite enough seeds. The inside of the sandwich, while filling, was not the best we’ve had. Not a true fried egg, and being slightly picky, orange American cheese. We’re still searching for the perfect bagel-to-filling ratio. 

Overall, we’d give it a 3.25/5 Gritty’s. Not bad for a place we had never heard of before. Thank you to avid reader Brian Murphy for the suggestion!

Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire: Pauline’s: Old Reliable (Except On Sunday)


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

Welcome back to Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire! Today, we’ll be reviewing Paulines! But actually, only Claire will be reviewing Pauline’s, as she got a bagel, I did not. 

As always, she ordered a sausage egg and cheese on a plain bagel. They don’t have poppy bagels, a strike against them. She really enjoyed it! We always enjoy Pauline’s. Although I didn’t order a bagel, and therefore my review doesn’t matter for this place, the Breakfast Crunchwrap was incredible. My personal favorite on the menu, and what I would recommend to anyone. 

Although this is a shorter review, that does not mean we hated it. We love Pauline’s, everyone does. Overall, a rating of 3/5 Gritty’s would be the verdict, and its locality to La Salle makes it the most popular spot for student’s to get their breakfast sandwich fix on Saturday mornings.

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Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Bagels and Bread House


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

Welcome back to Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke. This week, we took a trip just outside of city limits to the ‘burbs. Our bagel quest took us to Horsham. Just wanna give a quick shoutout to Joanna, weekly reader, and  my sister, for treating us to the bagels. 

This new spot, Bagels and Bread House, was a quaint little spot with such a cool vibe. We really enjoyed it. The everything bagel in particular was quite nice, and a little different than usual. Most everything bagels don’t include salt, this one did. I liked that a lot. I wish they had seasoned the bagels a bit more though. I, of course, got a bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. Claire got a sausage egg and cheese on a poppy bagel, as usual. The filling of the sandwich was quite nice compared to others we’ve reviewed, but the bagel itself could have been just a little bit more seeded. Overall, we’re gonna give it a 3.75/5 Gritty’s. Comparing it to Trops, we enjoyed the filling here more, as well as the choices of bagels. Our best review yet! 

Tune in next week for our review of La Salle’s local breakfast place and fan favorite, Pauline’s Deli.

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Bagel Reviews with Claire and Luke: Treetops Edition


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

This week, Claire and I got bagels at the place closest to home: the Dining Hall. During Breakfast for Dinner Week, we were blessed with a night of build-your-own breakfast sandwiches, and we couldn’t turn it down.  It was practically BEGGING us to review. It derailed our original plans for the upcoming weekend, a trip to Pauline’s which will be reviewed soon!

Now, keep in mind we only rate things in terms of Gritty’s, the wackiest Philadelphia mascot. Our choices were bacon AND sausage (big points from Claire), eggs, and a few different cheeses that I don’t remember the name of. Anyway, I chose a bacon, egg, and cheese, OBVIOUSLY. They only had plain bagels though. SO sad. Claire got a sausage, egg, and cheese, and she loved it. We both added some maple syrup to the bagel, which is an homage to her favorite bagel place, which sadly is outside of the Greater Philadelphia Area, and won’t be reviewed (yet!). An honest review, from Luke, a 2 out of 5. The bagel itself was nothing to write about, but the filling was honestly delish, better than I expected. Claire gave it a 2.5! out of 5. She was ecstatic about the addition of sausage to the menu, and that bumped up the score for her. Overall, we’d rate it a 2.25/5 Gritties. Tune in next week for our review on Bagel and Bread House in Horsham, PA.

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Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

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In a new series for the Collegian, Claire and I look to peruse and rank the BEST bagel places in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Why bagels do you ask? I just really enjoy bagels. Top tier breakfast food. 

Today, we visited Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown. A measly 45-minute train commute to Fishtown brought us to this small hole in the wall bagel place. Now, keep in mind I only rate things in terms of Gritties, the wackiest Philadelphia mascot. Back to bagels. As always, I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted everything bagel. Simply my favorite. Claire, begrudgingly, also ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese, due to it being the only type of breakfast sandwich on the menu. MAJOR red flag. 

The first thing we noticed about these bagels was the size of them, and not in a good way. These had to be the smallest bagels in the history of bagels. They were nice and doughy though, with a nice crust. Props for that. The next issue that arose was the filling of the breakfast sandwich. An exact quote describing it:

“You know the square scrambled eggs you would get at a high school cafeteria?”-Claire

Lots of issues with this bagel place. Not much to rank positively in this list, but it did just enough to avoid the bottom of the barrel ranking. We would give it 2/5 Gritties.