Other people’s children and dogs = gag


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Babysitting and dog sitting are  the easiest ways to make a lump sum of money, but that means that you have to watch other people’s children and dogs. Both are raised/trained by other adults and reflect how good those adults are at raising and teaching. Parenting is hard, but if you have a shitty kid or a shitty dog, then that’s on you. As well, once you age and become old and easily pissed off, you hate things more and more. 

As someone with both dogs and young children in their life, I love them, but I respect that other people might not. Currently, I am dog-sitting and learning the hard way that I am now old and over these dogs. I appreciate my dogs so much more that I have had to deal with other people’s dogs’ poor behavior. So, I am now becoming Squidward and I am okay with that.

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