Be offended if I am wearing my mask around you.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

As we all know, La Salle University has altered their mask mandate. Honestly, in my opinion the university should’ve just waited until March 28, two weeks after spring break, rather than taking them off this week and then putting them back on after spring break just to take them off once again a week later. Oh well, I am not in charge of this decision making, as much as I might have great ideas. 

I personally will be sticking to wearing my mask 90 percent of the time on campus. That other 10 percent of the time is when I am around friends and trustworthy people, with that being said, feel offended if you don’t see my face. Wearing a mask will prevent a lot of possible spread of COVID-19, but at the current moment, society is in the variant lull, so wearing masks is now optional. 

When you are with a friend who, like me, is wearing a mask most of the time, but not all of the time and that friend is wearing a mask with just you…feel the offense. We don’t trust your ass, not one bit. We don’t want your germs and think that you 100 percent could get COVID-19 from your personal activities, or maybe we just don’t like you <3. 

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