Knuckle cracking: an ick?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

I can crack almost every joint in my hand in various ways and regularly do so. I also crack my back, knees, elbows and toes but those are more of an unintentional crack from years of sports trauma. Basically, I am that person who just starts cracking their hands in the middle of class out of habit. Most of the time I don’t realize that I’ve started to crack my knuckles until I am multiple cracks deep. I do realize that there’s a population of people that don’t like and or hate the sound of the body cracking. The people who curl their toes and cringe at the pop of a finger or the crunch of a back or the click of a wrist have to suffer with people like me. Now, I am willing to change my ways if it is an ick for the majority of people who have read this article. So, if you will please choose your vote on the poll, and maybe next week you will see an article on my knuckle cracking withdrawal. 

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