Normally it’s “Go birds,” but I guess go Bengals 


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

I try to keep my true opinions that will start unnecessary drama to myself, but Spotify is f***ing stupid. The sI am not a football fan. I have never claimed to be a football fan. But I am an Eagles fan, so you know I love a good underdog. The Cincinnati Bengals are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in a long time to go up against the Rams this month. Do I genuinely care about who wins? Like no. I am really excited for Tom Brady to finally just leave the conversation as well as the Patriots, also known as the people who lost the Super Bowl to the Eagles in 2018. It would be really nice to see the Bengals win so that the people of Ohio finally have something to be proud of. Joe Burrow might be a good quarterback, but he also is just a nice person to look at especially when he wears his sunglasses. Will I be watching the Super Bowl? Probably not. Go birds. 

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