Taylor Swift 


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Imagine being Jake Gyllenhaal right now. Crazy. 10 minutes of being called a shitty boyfriend in a beautiful song, as well as the rest of an album. All I can say is Taylor Swift — This woman, this genius, this mythical figure, has gifted us with more than we could have ever wanted. Her 2012 album “Red” rerecording and release has not only given the world music we love that will now make Miss Swift money, but it gives us many new amazing songs that slap just as hard as everything else. November 12, 2021 was like Christmas for our ears and we’re here for it. Well, not all of us because some people don’t respect the drip of a heartbreak and the trauma Swift has gone through due to these relationships. “But it’s been eleven years.” OH FUCKING WELL. SHE WAS 20 TURNING 21. HE DIDN’T SHOW UP TO HER BIRTHDAY PARTY, HER DAD WAS SAD ABOUT IT. HE DOES THAT WEIRD EYE THING THAT DEFINITELY WAS HARD TO ARGUE WITH. Anyway, Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink did a great job capturing the vision of “All Too Well” that we never knew we needed. There are lots of theories and easter eggs as to why things were done and said as well as what is going to happen next. All I can say about that is I have a lot of school work and mentally cannot spend all my time talking about this. I will say that John Mayer better watch out because he is the only ex of Swifts to have a song named after him and the fact that he dated her when she was 19 and he was 32 says a lot. And that’s on “MAYBE WE GOT LOST IN TRANSLATION. MAYBE I ASKED FOR TOO MUCH.”

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